Unboxing My 1st Memebox

This happened two weeks ago but I thought I’d show my excitement of when I got my first order from Memebox! Aside from nail polish this has become my new obsession. I ordered a total of three boxes. I wouldn’t say it’s a subscription box but a mystery themed box. These items are all from Korea!


These boxes included:
K-Style #17

K-Style Box

Girl’s Night Out #23

Girl's Night Out

OMG Box #16


Let’s talk about my favorites!

My favorite box was Girls Night Out but I think that’s because it had nail polish!

I can say that the Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask is amazing and by far my favorite product. I will do a post about it and show pictures of me using it. I see myself purchasing it again when I’m out of that mask!

Something I thought I wasn’t going to like was the lip tattoo in the OMG box. Wowza love the color! When I tried it, it was instant love.


They were all amazing boxes. I can say you definitely get your moneys worth with all these full size products.  Somethings weren’t for me but most were spot on. I’m surprised the things I didn’t want were highly wanted and was able to sale or trade them. I can say it does take a while to come to you so make sure you look at the shipping and release dates of the boxes.  Keep in mind it’s from Korea so it is shipped international.

The wait was worth it!

Because this is a late post I don’t have any swatches or product reviews but as I blog more I’ll talk about these items in the box. If you have any questions comment below and I can answer any questions you have!

I do have 7, yes SEVEN memeboxes on the way. I’ll go more in dept about products and such in the unboxing.

I definitely recommend memebox!

If you’d like to try click the image below or here.

❤ Thoughts from Faithe


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