A Coach Wallet ($174) for only $1.93

I have been waiting to rave about this deal I just got!

This is the wallet I just purchased from Twice!

These are just screenshots but once it comes in I will definitely do another post!

  Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 5.11.44 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 5.12.00 PM

I’m patiently waiting for it in the mail and so excited to get it!

I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it though.

So if you don’t believe me here is my invoice and what I paid for!


That’s right only $1.93!

Follow these steps and you can get something for at least $20 or even $40 for FREE.

Yes, free!

1. Join Twice here using this link:


This will give you your 1st $10 credit

2. Using an apple device device download the app

This will give you another $10 credit

3. Using an android device download the app

This will give you 50% off your purchase

If you don’t have an android not to worry! Go to this link after receiving all your credit and use this code to get a percent off your purchase: https://www.liketwice.com/buyer-quiz/

That right there gives you at least $20-$40 to spend on twice.

You can also invite friends and get more credit.

I forgot to add they have more than just purses! They have clothes as well. It’s great you can even sale your stuff that you aren’t using anymore. So shop away and stayed tuned for when I get my wallet. I’m already getting my second order together!

Get some deals and let me know I’d like see what you got! Yippee!!! Happy Shopping 🙂


Found this link to get your 50% off code without having an andriod! Even better!


❤ Thoughts from Faithe


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