Arla Dofino Breakfast :)

Let’s talk about cheese! So I #GotItFree from #ArlaDofino through #Bzzagent! I got to admit that I had a variety to choose from but because of the Wendy’s commercial about “SMOKED GOUDA” I had to pick it! I also got to use my new cheese slicer and grater that I got from No Kidding Coupons for 20 cents!


I decided to slice some pieces for sandwiches I was making for breakfast and I also grated some for chicken quesadillas tomorrow!


There was quite a bit left 🙂 to make more sandwiches and other things for later! I put the toppings on a bagel. I did mayo both sides and added some eggs and tomatoes. Than I broiled it in the oven on low for a few minutes until I saw it to start bubbling and looking cheesy good!


& TADA! Breakfast is served. Arla Dofino’s smoked gouda is amazing! I’m excited to try the other cheeses they have 🙂



Click on the image below to get more recipes and idea with Arla Dofino’s cheese!


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