Juicy Couture , Steve Madden, & Vera Bradley for $6.43! HOW!?!!?!

That’s right! I got another deal on my amazing bags from Twice!

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 8.08.51 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-25 at 8.09.04 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-25 at 8.08.34 PM

Here they are up close and in person! I was so excited when I got this package you have no idea. Some of you may even know how much mail I got that day. It was a good day!


So it was a hard decision on what to pick and so I asked my boyfriend which one? The Juicy, Vera Bradley, or Steve Madden? He of course goes I don’t know do the Madden one you know like my football game.


Luckily I agreed and I set her up with all my goodies inside! I love this purse! You can probably tell but I am obsessed with cross body/satchel purses. They are my favorite kind. What I like about this mini purse it maybe small but you can put a lot of stuff. I can also hold the handles like a handbag instead of using it as a cross body! I’m so glad I (he) picked this one 😉



Okay so now onto the deals! How do you get such a good deal on purses well I did state in one my earlier post the steps but here I’ll post it again!

Follow these steps and you can get something for at least $20 or even $40 for FREE.

Yes, free!

1. Join Twice here using this link:

Click me for $10 credit

This will give you your 1st $10 credit

2. Using an apple device device download the app

This will give you another $10 credit

3. Using an android device download the app

This will give you 50% off your purchase

If you don’t have an android not to worry! Go to this link after receiving all your credit and use this code to get a percent off your purchase: Click me for 50% off

That right there gives you at least $20-$40 to spend on twice.

You can also invite friends or family and get more credit.

I forgot to add they have more than just purses! They have clothes as well you can buy! You can also sale your stuff that you aren’t using anymore and get cash or credit for it!  So shop away and or sale away which ever you choose or do both! Also, stayed tuned I’m getting ready for another order!

Oh and they change things all the time so check daily for new items! I know there were a couple of things I wanted and got snatched up real fast! Comment if you like/love this and tell me what you got! Happy Shopping!

❤ Thoughts from Faithe!


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