Memebox Superbox #54 Pinkaholic

This is a late post but I wanted to share my Memebox Superbox Pinkaholic Box. I was worried about this box but surprisingly I LOVED everything in it! I have skin care up to my ears so I have not been able to try these product out just yet but I am so excited to try them. I need to be patient lol. If these things I end up loving I’ll definitely be telling you more about these products in another post! I did get make-up as well which was half the box and swatches will be shown below! Here is the box!


Here is some information about the skincare:


What made me excited about these skin care products? The most exciting thing about the pink cleanser is that you don’t have to use water and  it’s easy for on the go or when your lazy at night and don’t want to have to wash your face off in the sink. It’s also great for traveling. The Pink Cream I just really want to try. I think that’s the one I could be like eh live without but than again maybe I’m wrong. I need to try it so I hope I love this one. So I heard so many good things about this product. I have some really bad dry areas and I think this will be great product to help hydrate my skin and it’s pink! What could go wrong?

Now for the make-up products!




These swatches are beautiful. I was most excited for the lippy. I did try it and wasn’t feeling it so I think I’m going to either give it away or have to layer it with other lippies. I really like the highlighting to use as an eyeshadow. The pink crayon is beautiful! I really am excited to wear this product.

The only thing I was bummed about this box was no HOT PINK lippies! I’ve been wanting a hot pink lippy for ever and hope this box would be the one but it wasn’t o well. Hopefully next time.

I love memeboxes if you’d like to try it click this link below.

October $5 coupon code: ED36

$5.00 discount from 6/30/2014 to 10/30/2014: AFFILIATE-6482-DZ01C-ANTN

$10.00 discount from 7/31/2014 to 10/30/2014: AFFILIATE-3586-3KET8-AXKC

this expires end of the month I’ll update it in November to give you a new $5 coupon!


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