Valhalla Sleep Mask Review

I have tried many different sleep masks before and I think this may be the greatest mask I’ve ever used. When migraines come a mask like this is my best friend. It’s great when traveling and zoning things out for some relaxation.  It has a little handy bag to keep everything together so it’s easy for traveling and storing it where ever you are.


My favorite part is that it has an adjustable strap that’s used with velcro and is elastic so it feels very comfy around your face. What’s also great is that it has little loops so that you can stuff the ear plugs in. That helps a lot because I always find myself losing them and having to buy more. By the time I realize it’s gone I’m not able to use it when it’s needed the most.



Great product, totally recommend this! It’s a great quality and gives you the best sleep you need. If you’d like to get your own pair you can at the link below!

❤ Thoughts from Faithe

BEST REM Sleep Mask – Soft and Silk-Like With Breathing Vents For Better Sleeping Anywhere – Fully Blocks Light and Sounds – Includes FREE Report “Sleep Smarter”, a Sleep Diary , Earplugs And Carry Pouch – Helps With Insomnia And Dry Eyes – Perfect For Business Travel Or Everyday Use, Fits Men and Women

I did get this product in exchange for a review. Nevertheless this is my own opinion and experience.


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